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5 Good reasons to stop biting your nails

Credit: Wikipedia
Credit: Wikipedia

Don’t take your stress out on your nails!

You have a slight tendency to be stressed and can not prevent yourself from gnawing at your nails? Have you tried all the options to stop but nothing has pushed you to really give it up yet? A good way to shock you to stop nibbling at your nails is to look at the harmful effects on your health and mind caused by nail biting. Maybe this time it will work.

1/You are more prone to infections and contagious diseases

You are not unaware that the contamination spreads by the hands, and by extension, the fingers. Putting your nails in your mouth to constantly nibble on will not help you to decontaminate: herpes, canker sores, gum inflammation or viral diseases, not forgetting the vast bacteria that lives on public transport…

2/ You distort your mouth and teeth

By gnawing your nails to excess, you damage your teeth: cavities or even deformity of the teeth, these are excellent reasons to stop gnawing!

3/ Your nails become fragile, brittle and painful

You must have noticed that your nails are not in top shape. By gnawing on them, you make them softer, fragile and brittle, and they become more and more painful. And what will happen to them in ten years?

4/ Your fingers start to smell

Due to biting your nails, your weakened nails can have bad odors, because of the bacteria that your mouth contains. In addition, the tip of your fingers turns red and (very) painful.

5/ Your nails reveal your anxiety to all

The condition of your nails reveal your state of anxiety. Spoiling them all during a job interview may not help your future employer’s confidence in your ability to deal with the role.