5 good reasons to go out with an older guy

Are more mature men better?

Are you sick of the androgynous, beardless look? Look a few years ahead of you! Mature men have the advantage of knowing a thing or two about women, which could come in very handy in the bedroom! Here are 5 good reasons to go out with an older guy.

1/ Mature doesn’t mean boring

As long as you haven’t drawn the short straw, mature men have had many varied life experiences, known a few women in their time and seen many things. This gives them a completely different type of charm, and can lead to fascinating conversations.

Screenshot: Magic In The Moonlight, Woody Allen

2/ He is likely to prioritise your pleasure over his own

Mature men often have more experience, and know exactly what women want. They are more likely to put your needs before their own!

Screenshot: Lolita, Stanley Kubrick

3/ He is financially stable

We can say that money doesn’t matter, but it certainly helps! An older man is often well established in his career. As long as he isn’t in the middle of a mid life crisis, deciding to pack it all in to go milking cows in the back of beyonds….

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4/ He is not afraid of commitment

Or of telling you how he feels. And sometimes, that makes all the difference -especially if you have spent years with an overgrown adolescent who ran for the hills at the first mention of “the future”.

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5/ He is more reasonable

After thirty, men are less consumed by their games consoles and boozy nights with their buddies. A mature man knows how to act in a relationship, and will want to take advantage of his free time to spend as much of it as possible with you…. Bonus points!

Screenshot: Magic In The Moonlight, Woody Allen