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5 easy tutorials to give your jeans a new lease of life

Your old jeans re-vamped in the blink of an eye!

If you’re like the rest of us, you have ten pairs of jeans in your press, but only one pair that you ever actually wear. It would be a pity to miss out on the fashion potential these other jeans have to offer, by (very) easily customising them. Here are a few practical tutorials, that can give a second lease of life to jeans you have long neglected in the wardrobe!

1/ Cut-out stencils

With special fabric paint, you can work fashion miracles without ever opening your sewing kit! All you need is a simple stencil (that you can buy or make yourself from cardboard).

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2/ Rock’n’roll style jeans

With a few snips of a scissors, entertain yourself by transforming your old worn jeans into a high fashion item!

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3/ Give your jeans a feminine lace trimming

With a strip of pretty lace that you should find in any sewing or craft shop, you can give your three quarter length jeans a 100% unique new style!

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4/ A work of art

Are you an artist at heart? With special fabric paint, glam up your skinnies with whatever designs pop into your head!

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5/ Ethnic prints

With a stencil or a ruler, using a special textile marker, design round, square or triangular shapes to give character to a boring old pair of jeans. Find the tutorial here.

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