5 easy tips to transform your clothes to wear them in more than one way

Screenshot / Youtube Channel: • Girlita •

Practical and easy no-sewing techniques!

On the days when you feel you have nothing to wear, remember that you can always transform certain items of clothing into completely different pieces, quickly doubling their use! Give them a new lease of life!

1/ Transform a dress into a skirt

1/ Put on your dress as normal.

2/ Remove the top half and turn the sleeves inside out.

3/ Turn the top part of the dress down over your hips, underneath the skirt of the dress.

4/ Adjust it so that you have as few creases as possible and pull or tuck your top out over it to cover the waist. No one will suspect a thing!

Of course this tip doesn’t work for all dresses: in order to work, your dress should be reasonably tight, without very long or prominent sleeves. The material shouldn’t be too loose either, in order for the skirt to stay in place.

Screenshot: Youtube Channel: • Girlita •

2/ A man’s shirt turned into a tuck top

1/ Pull the shirt around you, without putting your arms through the sleeves, and button it from the bottom just up to above your breasts.

2/ Tie the top button of the shirt behind your back, adjusting the number of buttons you need to tie to keep it in place.

3/ Knot the sleeves together at the back of your neck.

Screenshot: Youtube Channel: • Girlita •

3/ Transform a mesh top into a snood

1/ Choose a mesh top that is thick and airy, with material suited to a scarf.

2/ Pull the jumper over your head, but instead of putting your arms into the sleeves, wrap them behind your neck, crossing them and re-crossing them in front. Tuck them neatly in underneath the rest of the jumper.

Screenshot: Youtube Channel: • Girlita •

4/ Transform a large light scarf into an open tunic with a belt

1/ Take a large scarf with very fine material and fold it in two.

2/ Take two corners on one side, and knot them together. Repeat on the other side.

3/ Put it on, slipping your arms through each of the holes you have created.

4/ Add a slim belt to mark out your waist.

Screenshot: Youtube Channel: • Girlita •

5/ Transform a skater skirt into a strapless top

1/ Choose a fairly light skirt made of stretchy material.

2/ Simply bring it up over your breasts, and wear it as a strapless top.

The more elastic the waist is, the better this technique will work.

Screenshot: Youtube Channel: • Girlita •

See the video tutorial below: