5 100% Natural Tricks to get rid of baggy eyes

Pollution, stress, tiredness, dark circles do not settle on your face by chance. Help  fight these unsightly pockets with some natural ingredients that will work miracles. Guaranteed without spending lots of money!

1/ Cucumber

So timeless that one could almost think that it is cliché! But the cucumber slices applied to the eyes prove to be excellent allies, helping to reduce swelling. Place a cucumber in the fridge (10 minutes minimum) before cutting into thin slices, then apply two on your eyes as soon as you feel the need. Allow to stand for about 15 minutes.

5 astuces naturelles pour enlever les cernes (3)

2/ Lemon

The lemon juice will reduce the dark color of your dark circles, which gives you gray look. Mixed with a little olive oil, it would be even more effective. Put some olive oil in a bowl and pour half a lemon of freshly squeezed juice. Mix well. Soak two pieces of cotton wool and apply them on your dark circles. Repeat every night to see the results after a few weeks.

3/ Ice Cubes

The cold stimulates the blood circulation and has the effect of decongesting the dark circles. Put ice cubes in a washcloth and then apply it to your eyes for about fifteen minutes. Variation: a steel spoon previously put in the freezer. Guaranteed effect (even if it will not last more than half an hour)!

4/ A potato

The potato is an ancestral trick to fight dark circles. Choose a raw potato, which you have previously peeled and cut into slices, then apply them directly or with cotton on your eyes for 15 minutes before going to bed. Repeat the operation at least 3 times a week to reduce your dark circles efficiently.

5 astuces naturelles pour enlever les cernes (2)

5/ Figs

Rich in vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties, the fig is also great to combat wrinkls. Cut a fig in half and apply one half on each eye for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm lukewarm water.

5 astuces naturelles pour enlever les cernes (4)

Source – Photo principale : rochelle hartman