4 ways to save your makeup blunders

It is not because we do our makeup nearly everyday that we dont make mistakes! A difficult morning, a false movement or the desire to wear more makeup than necessary….

But dont worry, today we have found 4 ways in which to correct misfired makeup application.

The wrong foundation colour


This Summer you bought a foundation colour that was darker than your skin tone which you have not yet finished. But Winter is coming and unfortunately your tan has stayed in the Bahamas leaving you with a complexion which is paler and somewhat duller. Therefore your foundation is no longer adapted.

Contrarily : you have tanned after buying your foundation and it no longer corresponds to your skin tone.

(Or else you also have the right to simply have made a mistake in choosing the right foundation colour!)

Dont panic, here is the solution:

If the foundation colour is too dark : You will need a powder which corresponds to your skin. With a powder puff or large brush, take some powder and apply it to your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, under your eyebrows and to the middle of your forehead.

If the foundation colour is too light : Take a bronzing powder and contour your face. (Lightly powder the parts of your face which are in relief (the hollows of your cheeks, your temples, the jawline) To avoid a contrast in colour, apply some onto your neckline too.

Lipstick which smudges

Today you have decided that you want to wear a bright lipstick. A good idea but be careful of accidents!

Firstly try to really pay attention when you put on your red lipstick. Secondly, to remove the extra bits which has the annoying habit of sticking onto your teeth, here is the ultimate tip: Point your index finger and place it in your mouth, Purse your lips around your entire finger, remove it and then wipe it. Repeat the procedure unil your finger is completely clean. Once you have finished that, gently apply a little bit of your powder on the lipstick so that it lasts longer.

Eyeliner mistakes

We repeat it often enough, there are super techniques to successfully apply your eyeliner. But despite this, we are never entirely immune to making mistakes!

When you misfire your eyeliner, you dont have to remove it all and start at zero. Continue to apply the eyeliner as if you havent made a mistake and once it is completely dry, take an ear bud and apply a bit of moisturizer over it. Using the ear bud gently tap the ear bud until the excess eyeliner has been removed.

You can also apply a concealer with the help of a brush. If you have an eyeshadow already above it, add a bit more to conceal your mistake.


An excessive demarcation

Sometimes, in unnatural light we dont realise that we put too much foundation or blush on our faces. Once in natural light, we can see a clear demarcation which is not so attractive on our face and neck.


To avoid that, here are several tips.

If you have put too much blush on your cheeks, take a light powder and a big brush and apply it onto your cheeks.

If you have put too much foundation on your face and too little on your neck, dont apply more foundation onto your neck! Opt for a bronzing powder mixed with a powder matching your skin tone and apply to the neckline.