4 ways to revive the spark in your relationship

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With the passage of time, in a couple, the spark often has a tendency to be less present than it was at the start. The years pass by, and with them, the excitement of the first few months. This is often the case for married couples who find themselves less sexually satisfied as time goes on. But rest assured, nothing is lost forever, and it is always possible to revive the spark that you had in the beginning. Here are 4 ideas to spice up your love life. 

1/ Read

Reading could be your best friend in this quest for reigniting desire. In fact, you could be “inspired” and find some new ideas. Reading allows you to reflect on your own sexuality, but also your partner’s. There is plenty of erotic literature available, which caters to vast and varied tastes.


2/ Communicate

It is vital to communicate within a couple, to find out if the lack of desire is coming only from you, only from your partner or from the both of you. Don’t hesitate to ask each other questions to try and understand the source of the problem, to take the matter in hand as best as possible.

3/ Rediscover each other

It is vital to rediscover each other like you did when you first started going out. Forget about pyjama nights in front of the television, reach instead for some sexy lingerie and massage oils, that will help you rediscover parts of your body you had forgotten about. Also create time for you both to get some time away, and spend some quality time together. Why not book a night in a hotel?


4/ Surprise each other

After having communicated and learned about how you can please each other, think about how to surprise your other half. Maybe try some erotic games, like role play. Pleasure each other mutually, while pleasuring yourself at the same time. It could be a game changer in the bedroom.