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4 tips to be stunning in the morning when you wake up

It is not always easy to wake up and be as fresh as a daisy with a beautiful complexion and pretty eyes. And yet, you could be sexy naturally when you wake up in the morning. If you want to know how, read these easy tips.

An amazing skin

The first important thing is to remove your makeup at night because it also allows you to remove pollution, sweat and particle which accumulated throughout the day. Try to have a good skincare routine which works on your skin type. You don’t necessarily need to splurge to have good products.

For example:

– Cornflower water to cleanse the skin
– Yogurt to nourish the skin
– Green tea to depuff the eye and soothe your skin and rednesses
– Sugar to exfoliate the skin
– Honey to reduce scars (especially acne scars)
– Rose water for a glowy skin


Healthy hair

Many women feel the need to tie their hair at night to avoid getting them on the face or getting stuck under their arm or body as they sleep. However, this is a bad habit which prevents them from ‘breathing’ and which might cause damage over time. This is also really important if they have already been tied all day long.

Wash it twice or thrice a week with the appropriate products for your type of hair.

Before heading to bed, don’t forget to brush your hair (if possible with a soft boar-bristle brush) et moisturize them. If you sleep with your boyfriend, you can use a dry oil which smell nice to make him believe that indeed, women smell good ALL THE TIME!


A dream figure

Your morphology doesn’t really matter here, you can sleep in sexy and comfortable underwear. To sleep with your lover or to have self confidence, it’s preferable not to wear too loose or unattractive clothes (even if you can still wear your Snoopy pyjamas at times). You can wear satin or even cotton babydolls that are really sexy and yet very comfortable. These will allow you to sleep soundly while looking at your best.


A perfect smell

As we sleep, we move a lot and we sweat and in the morning, the room generally doesn’t smell of roses. To avoid this, you could perfume the sheets and your body with a perfume which has a delicate smell to it and which doesn’t contain alcohol. You don’t want to use too much perfume or an overpowering smell because you would end up with a headache in the morning.

You can also light a candle shortly before heading to bed (you have to put it out before sleeping). You could even light it again in the morning. Also, don’t forget to open the windows for at least 10 minutes in your bedroom and your house in order to get fresh air.