4 tips for choosing the right hair colour which suits you

Have you decided to swap your wheat blond hair in order to be a brunette? Before going ahead here are 4 tips which will help you to choose the right colour which suits you the most.

1/ Blond Silver

At once grunge and sexy (very blonde) almost white is very fashionable with celebrities at the moment! It is difficult to upkeep,  difficult to mantain, it requires the expertise of hairdressers in order to not damage your hair..

Who does it suit?

For girls who have pale skin and who have the time and some money (a retouch is necessary every three weeks for a perfect result) healthy hair which has not been damaged too much and which is resistant to change!

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2/ The flaming red

In the mood for an English siren’s skin? Red hair has become increasingly fashionable over the last couple of years. On pale skins, it is very glamorous !

Who does it suit?

Girls with Irish skins, pale complexions, pale without red marks.

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3/ Light brown

With copper or honey streaks, light brown hair is beautiful! Hair which is too dark hardens one’s features and makes one appear older, opt for a colour which is warm and makes you appear radiant.

For who ?

For those who want to soften their features, add light to their hair and have a classical colour ! It is for everyone in principle.

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4/ The Tie and Dye

The Tie-and-Dye has been a trend for a while now!  Do it with two tones which are worked onto the strands of hair which are below the jawline. In order to highlight your beauiful hair wear it in a pony tail.

Who does it suit ?

People with straight bobs or wavy hair, all girls can try it!

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Advice: Glamour France / Photos : harpersbazaar ;  blog.vaultcouture