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4 Reasons to not keep on a wet swimming costume

The heat rages but fortunately you are at the edge of the pool or on the warm sand on the beach, unlimited water at your side to refresh you as soon as the sun taps a little too much on your skin! And after swimming, there is no question of changing, you prefer to dry your body in the sun. You might be wrong. Keeping on a wet swimsuit is not such a good idea … We’ll explain why.

1/A wet swimsuit is a nest with bacteria

Hot and humid places are a great place for bacteria, which can breed at high speed! In the pool or in the sea, the textile of your swimsuit will absorb the chemicals and bacteria contained in the water. When you get out, these nasty substances stay in contact with your intimate parts and can upset your vaginal balance. Which can lead do: vaginitis or urinary infections …

4 bonnes raisons de ne pas garder son maillot mouille

2/ You could get thrush

Thrush love damp, where they form more or less rapidly depending on the person. Are you prone to this type of infection? Quickly change your swimsuit bottom before it’s too late!

4 bonnes raisons de ne pas garder son maillot mouille4

3/ Your vagina may get irritated

In addition to fungal infections, if your vagina is a bit sensitive, you could also be prone to burns and other irritations, as well as lumpy discharge.

4 bonnes raisons de ne pas garder son maillot mouille2

4/You risk vaginal eczema

By keeping on your wet swimsuit, you may also get marginal eczema, in other words, a vaginal infection that not only affects the skin of your intimate parts, but also the inside of your thighs and your buttocks, in form of red eruptions. So, avoid all this by taking a spare costume!

4 bonnes raisons de ne pas garder son maillot mouille5