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4 new and unusual uses for sanitary towels!

Screenshot: LeCoinDesFilles France/YouTube

These protective towels are not only for the critical period!

Up to now, we had never imagined that sanitary towels could do anything but absorb the flow during our periods. And yet that could all change! Plasters, anti-perspiration patches, or cleaning towels, sanitary towels have more than one string to their bow! Make the most out of them.

1/ To bandage your cuts, like a plaster

If sanitary towels can absorb menstrual flow, they can also absorb the blood from a cut! If you don’t have a first aid kit to hand, simply place a panty liner on the cut, and fix it on with some surgical tape.

Screenshot : Recettes de la nature/YouTube

2/ For cleaning and replacing cloths

There is nothing like a sanitary napkin, reportedly indestructible (and ultra absorbent), for disinfecting your home from top to bottom. Dampen it, sprinkle it with a little bicarbonate of soda and use it to clean your fridge, your microwave, or any other electrical appliances.

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3/ To reduce the odour from smelly feet

With their high absorption capacity, panty liners and sanitary towels are unparalleled for fighting against sweating odours. Place one towel in each of your shoes, like insoles. This will prevent unpleasant odours.

Screenshot: LeCoinDesFilles France/YouTube

4/ To absorb sweat from the armpits

Simply stick a thin panty liner to the inside of the armpits of your tops or jumpers, slightly bending the panty liner, to help you relax and stay fresh all day long!

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