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4 make up techniques to make your nose appear smaller

Need-to-know makeup techniques to refine and define your nose!

It’s a well known fact that we are never happy with what we have, and no one ever seems happy with their nose! They either want it to be smaller, shorter, straighter, narrower or more delicate. And surgery is out of the question for sure! Did you know that there are effective makeup techniques that you can use to give your nose the definition and appearance you would like? Here are a few tips to try in front of the mirror.

1/ Contouring

Playing with light and dark, you can redesign your nose as you like! Start with applying your usual foundation. Next, trace a line with dark powder on the outsides of your nose, all the way up to your eyebrows. Dab the dark powder until it blends with the rest.

Credits: Tina Flori

2/ Make your eyes look bigger

Turn your attention to another part of your face: your eyes. By putting the emphasis on your eyes, your nose will appear smaller. Smoky eyes, dark mascara or eye-liner, accentuate your eyes by any means possible!

Credits : Adina Voicu/Pixabay

3/ Reshape your eyebrows

Although you may not think so, your eyebrows play an important role in how your nose looks. Think about it: well designed eyebrows give the impression of depth to your eyes and can reshape your whole face. You can use an eyebrow pencil in the same colour as your natural brows, or reshape them by tweezing or waxing, with or without expert help. It’s important to choose the best eyebrow shape for your face.

Credits: Vivid Photo Visual

4/ Highlight your lips

Choose another part of your face to highlight: your lips or your eyes. If you have chosen your lips, don’t skimp on the details. A well applied bright red lipstick with a matte finish will work marvels for your face, and will shift the focus from your nose! You prefer nude shades? You can absolutely work your lips with a shiny gloss, while ensuring maximum volume.


Credits : Bessi/Pixabay

Credits: Tina Yong