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4 fashion tips for short women

Being short isn’t a flaw at all. However no petite woman would never ever say no to ideas on how to gain a few more centimeters and appear more slender (or maybe just even be able to see what other people see). Here are 4 tips for short women who want to appear taller.

Wear heels

It may sound obvious but it is a good effective start. They makes your legs slimmer, you look tall and if you know how to walk in high heels, they will make you slender and way more confident. With platform shoes you can easily get a few more centimeters. And there are so many types of shoes with heels (wedge heels, ankle boots, sandals partyheels and so on) that you’ll find the right one for you for sure.


Wear stripes

Stripes give a real trompe l’oeil effect which is of interest for anyone willing to appear taller. Vertical stripes do give a real lengthening effect especially if your wear them on a skirt, a legging or as shorts. Your legs will seem way longer than they really are and they will make them slimmer. To reinforce this lengthening effect, choose loose clothes or straight-cut clothes that will follow the shape of your curves.


Wear shorter clothes

Even if your legs are small, do show them to the world. Prefer mini dresses and skirts. You do have a lot of choice. And in winter you can wear tights to continue to appear taller. If you combine shorter clothes with heels, you double the effect. However beware because big shoes can make your slihouette ‘shrink’ and if you don’t want to wear heels, prefer ballet flats or comfortable thin trainers.


Cut your hair

Long hair make you appear smaller. So it you want to appear taller, avoid long hair and pick a new haircut with short or medium-length hair. It is fshionable, flattering and modern. You can create big waves or try to lighten the ends of your hair to brighten your face and make your features softer.

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