4 Easy tricks for beautiful hands

It’s a trick of the hands

It is not always easy to have nice hands: with aggressive soaps, cigarettes, changing temperatures or constant painted nails. Looking after your hands can be a struggle, which is often when we forget about them or neglect looking after them. However looking after your hands and having clean, tidy nails is hygienic and helps your health as well as being more presentable for interviews, events, parties or at work. Here are are a few tips on how you can achieve beautiful hands.


1/ Push back your cuticles

We often forget about our cuticles, the very thin skin around the edge of your nails, which for those who are nail biters sometimes nibble on. Start by pushing back using a wooden cuticle stick before doing an other treatments.


2/ Careful filing

Filing your nails is a better alternative than cutting them with nail clippers. Though you need to file them correctly. Make sure that you always file them in the same direction and never back and forth, this prevents your nails from splitting! Don’t use metal nail files as they are too aggressive, best to use emery boards or those made from glass. To finish you can buff and shine your nails using a 4 sides nail file, which has the different stages of filing your nails.


3/ Keep your hands soft and silky

We are always trying to achieve facial skin that is soft like a peach, but we can also have the same for our hands. Don’t neglect them: after every aggression (washing, cold, sun), use a hydrating cream which is made from natural based products and repeat everytime your hands go through trauma throughout the day. To deeply hydrate your hands using this natural recipe:

1/ Mix in a bowl with a little hot water, some olive oil and a squeeze of lemon

2/ Dip your fingers into the solution.

3/ Gently massage into your hands.

The olive oil will bring softness to your skin and the lemon will act as a disinfectant.


4/ Whiten your yellow nails

Do you love wearing nail varnish? Let your nails breath a little between your next colour. Your nails can go yellow due to nail varnish and can the stain can last for a long time. If you can’t stand the idea of not wearing nail varnish, make sure you wear a base coat before you apply the colour.

To whiten stained nails, dip your hands into a mixture of lemon juice with a little bicarbonate of soda for a deep action clean! Massage your nails with the help of half a lemon and brush them with a little toothpaste.