4 adorable hairstyles for little girls

It isn’t always easy to create nice hairstyles for little girls. And as they play, buns start to loosen and plaits become messy. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t give up on your will to create pretty hairstyles. And there are tons of easy ones that you could try on your daughters and that last throughout the day. And we know they will adore these 4 hairstyles for sure!

A cute plaited bun


1) Put her hair in a high ponytail.

2) Turn it into a plait.

3) Twist this plait to create a bun.

4) Secure using a cute hair slide.

A cute classy bun


1) Put her hair in a high ponytail.

2) Place a sock doughnut at the very base of the ponytail and pull all of her hair through the hole.

3) Cover the sock with her hair and secure with a rubber band and/or bobby pins.

4) Use her ends to cover the rubber band.

Elsa’s braid in Frozen


A flowery bun for spring and summer


1) Put her hair in a high ponytail.

2) Take a section of hair and twist it.

3) Roll it dowwards and secure with a bobby pin.

4) Repeat until you get a pretty flower. You can add more bobby pins afterwards to secure the hairstyle and keep it into place.