3 worst deal-breakers in a relationship

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What are guys’ worst faults?

This is it, you have finally taken matters into your hands and dared to make a move on your long standing crush. Bravo! We can only be impressed by you! But sometimes things don’t go exactly as you expected…. Your Prince Charming is far from what you had hoped! Here are the 3 worst faults that girls find with guys, that have them quickly heading for the hills…

1/ The guy who is always complaining

Even if you are an independent woman who knows very well how to take care of yourself, you still want a man, not a child! A guy who is always moaning for no reason is nothing but a mood-killer.

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2/ The guy who doesn’t shower enough or take care of his appearance

Certainly we don’t want a guy who never stops admiring his muscles in the mirror, but all the same, greasy hair and dandruff on a stained shirt is not exactly what we would call sex appeal……

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3/ The guy who is mean with money and time

When we are in love, we don’t keep count…. when it comes to time OR money! Because unconsciously, we like men who make time for us, and who invest in the relationship in every sense of the word. That is not to say that your beloved needs a huge budget, but simply that he doesn’t quibble about who paid for the coffee the last time…

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