3 ways to boost your sex drive when you are tired

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3 very simple tips that could make all the difference

According to a French survey reviewing couples’ sex lives, the most commonly recurring excuse in terms of sex was fatigue, with 45% of people reporting it as a reason for not making love with their partners. Following these elevated results, the sexologist Nikki Goldstein decided to come to the aid of exhausted couples, whose busy work lives were affecting their sexual relationships. Here are 3 of her main recommendations.

1/ Have sex in the shower

Are you too tired for a roll in the sheets before going to sleep? Don’t make love at night, rather do so in the shower in the morning: a great way to wake yourself up and start the day on a great note!

2/ Set an alarm for earlier in the morning

Are you completely out of energy by night time? Go to bed earlier, and set an alarm for both of you a little earlier in the morning, and make the most of your morning energy!

3/ Plan for no-sex nights

According to Nikki Goldstein, even if it seems a little boring, it is important to plan for nights without sex, when you both know you are going to go to sleep early, to be in good shape for the next morning, maybe even making the most of it with a kiss and a cuddle!