3 tips to get bigger breasts without surgery

People say all day long that small breasts are cute. And yet, you can’t stop wishing you had bigger breasts like some friends of yours you really envy. Now, if you’d like bigger breast without going under the knife in a surgical procedure that might be too painful and that you want to gain volume without necessarily wearing one of these padded bras you collect, help is coming! Here are a few easy tips that won’t give you enormous breasts but they will help you to get more volume.

1) Develop the pectoral muscles

Exercising could really help. If you’ve never thought about it, keep in mind that muscle-development exercises for the breast area can give them more volume.

Here are simple exercises that you can do at home to start your training.


Exercise 1

a) Get you dumbbells (or just 1,5l water bottles) and recreate the position 1 in the picture. Your back should be stuck to the ground.

b) Open and close your arms several times while contracting the muscles.

c) You could start with 5 series of 20 with a 1 minute pause in between each series.

Exercise 2

The position is the same but with your hands try to reach the space behind your head, above your head and then above your hips. Repeat the move with 5 series of 20 with a 1 minute pause in between each series.

If you feel courageous, press-ups are also great for this purpose!


2) A fenugreek cure

This exotic seed may not sound familiar to you but it is commonly thought that it is a real galactagogue. In other words, it is a natural substance that can make the breasts larger. As it is a natural product, the result will also seem really natural but if you have a complex, you should give it a try. This is an organic product so chances are you’ll find it in stores that sell organic product. There are mainy products which that contain fenugreek including food supplements, tea bags for a treating beverage or cosmetic oils that can be applied directly onto the area (just avoid the nipples). You can see a difference after a month or so.


3) Try collagen-boosting foods

Collagen is the protein that gives elasticity to the skin and allows you to keep a firm skin. It is a pretty common ingredient in the cosmetic industry and it is a classical way to get plumper lips. And if it helps to gain plumpness, we want it! We are not saying that you should get some expensive high end product. You could start by eating collagen-boosting foods that help the body to produce it more quickly. Eat proteins. Papaya juice is an incredible ally that you can mix with a little bit of milk to increase it’s collagen-boosting properties. Some organic food supplements also contain marine collagen so try and find some.papaya-08