3 styles to take you to the office

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For many of us, finding an outfit to go to work become’s a real headache in the mornings. Your sweater’s too quirky, your trousers are too flashy and your sneakers are too battered looking. You really have to give the matter some thought before you decide what to wear! But if you tend to think you are restricted to dull, boring clothes, think again! It is absolutely possibly to be stylish in the office. And of course, most importantly, you need to be comfortable in your clothes. So what kinds of outfits can you wear to work? Here are 4 style ideas, if you find yourself lacking inspiration.

Casual style

The good old jeans and t-shirt combo still has many years ahead of it! Whether it’s at home or at work, this casual style can be worn anywhere. Chic, classic or casual, you can tailor it to your own tastes. If you want to change from your usual casual t-shirt or jumper, you can team your jeans with a smart tunic. This mixes the elegance of a shirt with the comfort of a t-shirt. Experiment with various colours and patterns. It’s up to you to choose which casual, comfortable and trendy style works for you.

Sporty style

Do you wear your trainers absolutely everywhere, even to work? Then the sporty style is made for you! Put your running leggings and tops aside, and go for more stylish options, while still remaining casual. During winter, consider a down jacket or a parka to face off the cold on the way to work. Underneath your coat, you can wear a trendy colour sweatshirt, either patterned or with slogans on them. Finish the look with a pair of skinny jeans and your favourite trainers, to be the queen of the open-space.

Office-wear style

Office wear is very much in style this season. It’s time to take out your best businesswoman outfits, particularly your suit jacket teamed with pleated trousers. Tartan is also currently very much on trend, and you can go for a striped or checked tailored trousers, which can be found in Zara at the moment. Be daring and try out a boyish look, mixing feminine and masculine styles. If you don’t feel comfortable in tailored clothes, feef free to match your pleated trousers with a fitted white shirt of your choice. Finish off your outfit with a pair of derbies, and your ready to conquer the world of work!

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