3 fashion items to steal from your boyfriend

You can’t find anything in your wardrobe and as usual it seems you have nothing original to put on. In that case, have a peek in your guy’s closet -even if he won’t be too thrilled when he sees you wearing his favourite shirt that is just back from the dry-cleaners! We have selected three typically male fashion items that can help you rejuvenate your look, while still maintaining your feminine allure!

His jeans

No need to buy a pair of ‘boyfriend jeans’ in the women’s department if your man is close to your own size, or even a size bigger than you if he wears skinny jeans. With the legs of the jeans rolled up, a belt around the middle and some black or nude pumps, you’re fashion-forward from head to toe! For a more relaxed look, replace the pumps with white runners. Be sure to wear a fitted top to narrow your waist and show off your silhouette. According to our beloved Christina Cordula, the queen of fashion and of shopping, this is an ideal look for ‘inverted triangle’ or ‘straight’ body types.

Credits : Levi’s

His shirt

The ‘man’s shirt look’ brings to mind images of an actress, barely awake but fresh as a daisy, wearing her lover’s oversize shirt, brushing her teeth with sexy cleavage on show and nothing underneath…. It’s definitely a natural look! However, without giving in to clichés, there are many ways to make your guy’s shirt an integral part of your wardrobe, without necessarily attracting the wrong sort of attention! For business or beach wear, the ‘man’s shirt’ is a winner for its versatility and comfort.

Credits : Pepe Jean London

His watch

A masculine watch gives an attractive oversize look when worn on your wrist, and adds another dimension to your outfit. You can wear it on its own or with a few bracelets or bangles, making sure not to over-accessorise. If you are looking for a present for your other half that you can enjoy as well, go for a unisex model that can work for both of you! With a high-end vintage watch, you can create a casual-chic style that is suitable for the office, projecting an air of strength and confidence.

Credits : Pexels/Pixabay