29 Brilliant tips and tricks for everyday life!

Credit: Capture Photo
Credit: Capture Photo
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Tricks that will help you save time

How to fold a fitted sheet without the elastics rebelling, eating a cupcake without loosing icing or smoothing a t-shirt without an iron? These are the questions that us modern girls, can sometimes wonder… We offer you some answers, thanks to these 30 great tricks that will save you precious time!

1/ The correct way to eat a cupcake

Is the icing too rich and you end up eating a mouthful of icing and not enough sponge? This is the correct way to eat a cupcake, by taking off half of the bottom of the sponge and sticking it on top of the icing.

Credit: Flickr Jeremy Keith
Credit: Flickr Jeremy Keith

2/ Fold a fitted sheet

Fed up of trying to fold a fitted sheet with elastic corners as it constantly moves around and won’t go flat? This is the easiest and quickest way to fold your sheets so that they are flat to be stored neat and tidy.

3/ An ironed out t-shirt with ice cubes

Do you not have an iron to smooth out your t-shirt or just don’t have the time? Take your creased t-shirt and place it into your tumble dryer with a few ice cubes for 5 minutes. The creases will have disappeared like magic.


4/ A tea sachet in your trainers

Place one or two sachets of tea into your smelly shoes to get rid of the odour!


5/ Iced grapes to keep your wine cool

Store some grapes in your freezer and the next time you are drinking a glass of white wine that you want to keep cool, then pop them in your wine glass. Much better than ice cubes which ruin the taste of your drink!


6/ A baby’s bed transformed into a desk

If your little one has finished sleeping in their cot, think about adapting it into a desk. By transforming the cot into a desk or table, whether it is for you or the kids you are giving it a new life and keeping a sentimental item.

Credit: Castorama
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