20 ways to wear pink with style

It is finally spring and with it comes the return of coloured clothing! Despite having been ignored for a long time by fashionistas, pink is making a big come back in the wardrobes of trendy girls. It can be worn from head to foot, or in small touches in order to add a touch of softness in this world of bastards!

1/ Fushia pink in order to brighten up an outfit which is too dark. One says yes as long as the outfit is modern and without too many frills.

looks rose (6)

2/ A few pink accents here and there (with a cute bra for example) can help girls who hate this color to wear it in a very delicate manenr.

looks rose (5)

3/ Some pale pink and flashy accessories can create the pefect rockabilly outfit!

looks rose (3)

4/ Those heels are 100% girly and 100% sexy as well. For those who believe this color is only for little girls, check out those feminine shoes!

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5/ The softest pink ever on a sailor coat which will allow you to stride along the street elegantly

looks rose (19)

6/ A fantastic skirt to brighten up your day. You really have to pick one that isn’t too short in order to avoid to look like a bimbo.

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7/ Fushia leather isn’t too girly. It is just cool and edgy!

looks rose (8)

8/ You don’t need the whole pink outfit! A small handbag and assorted heels will have the best effect. looks rose (9)

9/ Funny patterns on a light powdered pink coat

looks rose (10)

10/ Regress to childhood with this pink backpack: stylish and unique !

10 sacs a dos ultra branchés (5)

11/ A nude pink is always so soft and easy to wear!

looks rose (11)

12/ Jewels and transparency for a classy night out

looks rose (12)

13/ A baby doll look assorted with an adorable polka-dotted sweater

looks rose (2)

14/ A powder pink blazer, XXL skirts, jackets…too many options!

looks rose (14)

15/ Pastel colors are legendary chic!

looks rose (15)

16/ Pink hair is unique and incredibly fashionable!

look roses

17/ A cute crochet cardigan is always modern for any season

looks rose (18)

18/ A pink for princesses in order to become the queen of swans

looks rose (20)

19/ Salmon pink with black details and an innovative fabric

looks rose (21)

20/ This is nor pale neither flashy… it is just the perfect pink

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