20 Sexual positions inspired by the Kama Sutra for lesbians

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8) Pole dance position


Find yourself a strong and comfortable chair and recline back, placing one foot onto the chair. Your partner will come and rub her clitoris against your thigh. Your hands are also free to touch where your want!

9) A pretty view form the back


Place yourself behind her and use your hand to touch her clitoris and the other to touch her breasts or gently pull her hair.

10) Like a swing


Sit your partner on top of you and balance on your bottom, caressing her clitoris at the same time.

11) Scissors


Clitoris against clitoris, you will be very sensitive. You hands are also free to explore and touch each other.

12)Very intense


Eye contact, body against body you are at the closest to your partner during sex. You stimulate your sexes with your thighs and your hands which travel around your bodies.

13) Chairs a source of inspiration


Sit on the chair and let your partner straddle you, use your fingers to penetrate!

14)Tantric face to face


Here everything is allowed: penetration with the fingers, toys and touching one another bodies, whilst looking into one anothers eyes. 

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