20 Sexual positions inspired by the Kama Sutra for lesbians

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When you research online or in magazines, there are lots of information on sexual positions for heterosexual couples. However for lesbian couples there is little information or ideas, especially for those who are starting their sexual experience with another woman. No matter what, whether you are starting a new relationship or need to spice up your positions in the bedroom, it is nice to know different options to change your routine. 

Testing new positions is also a way to reach new pleasurable experiences: another way to touch one another, to see your partner… Here are 20 positions which are for lesbian couples which have been presented by Jenny Yuen for the website Cosmo.

1) Inspiration cowgirl


The woman underneath places a cushion under her hips for extra comfort and her partner overlaps one of her legs. The cowgirls leg enables the clitoris to be stimulates whilst the woman below touches her. Both being stimulated together.

2) The “hot” wrap


Do you want to give maximum pleasure to your partner? Lie down on your back. Your partner will lie on top of you and whilst she caresses her breasts, you can simulate her clitoris with a sex toy or your fingers. You can then swap over.

3) Endless simulation


Place two cushions under the back of your partner and use your hand to simulate her clitoris and your mouth for kisses over her breasts.

4) Breast to Breast, you stimulate the nipples


5) An incredible view


6) Mutual pleasure


Whilst one stimulates the anus, the other stimulates the clitoris of their partners using their ankle.

7) The 69er


Practice the 69 position lying on your back with her on top, both using your tongues on the clitoris 

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