20 gadgets that make life simpler

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Every day, we come up against annoying things that no one has ever found a way to resolve which works all the time. But in some cases, thanks to human ingenuity we are moving towards this. Here are 20 inventions which are guaranteed to make your life a little bit more simple.

The pre-heated knife

This pre-heated electric knife cuts straight through cold butter even if it’s only just been taken out of the fridge. You’ll waste less time making toast in the mornings!

The Wi-Fi pen

Everything you write with this pen on paper appears immediately on your computer screen.

The notice board without pins

All pieces of paper on this notice board are held in place by static electricity.

Steel cooling tablets

These tablets are made of solid stainless steel, which is the same material used to make most medical and dental tools as well as kitchen utensils. They therefore don’t deposit anything in the water as you cool it down.

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