20 ‘firsts’ that no girl ever forgets

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The ‘first times’ that are forever etched in our memories

First kiss, first love, first period or first drink, the first times are never forgotten! Here are 20 first times that will stay in your memory forever.

1/ Your first drink

Well, in fact, you may have forgotten this one, if you found yourself with your head spinning and with no memory of the event a few hours afterwards! That said, you are sure to remember your first hangover in high definition!

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2/ Your first kiss

Of course, it stays forever etched in your mind. Even if you had sworn at the time that this would be the last, because you were so disgusted by the whole thing!

3/ Your first period

A moment you will never forget, when you confided in your best friend or your mum, in a state of panic when you found the first fateful stain….

4/ The first time you went on a dating site

You remember it well, you were in college when you first darkened the door of an internet cafe….

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5/ Your first date

You still remember the sensation you felt in the pit of your stomach, that mix of excitement and apprehension.

6/ The first time you voted

And the immense pride you felt in doing your bit for your country. Even if you hadn’t read one line of the campaign literature for whoever you voted for.

7/ The first time you had sex

Having sex for the first time is a major step in a woman’s life. A step that you don’t forget easily, which could have been anything between utterly marvellous and a complete failure!

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