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2 super simple ways to hide your bra straps

Screenshot: Spankie Valentine TV/YouTube

Hide your bra straps so that they can’t be seen!

The bra is a precious piece of female armour, however only if it is adapted to  our clothing and doesn’t compress our chest. But sometimes, we would love it to keep a low profile under a strapless dress or a tank top, without having to go without it completely. Here are a few simple no-sewing tips that will allow you to adapt your bra to all types of necklines!

1/ For a strapless dress or top

Remove the straps of a multiway bra and keep one of them. Wrap it around your back and attach it to the two hooks on either side of your chest. Adjust the length of the strap (which was previously adjusted to go over your shoulder) for optimal hold!


2/ For a tank top

Arm yourself with a paper clip and attach it to the straps of your bra to bring them together at the back. Tie your bra as normal and it’s in the bag! Easy, huh?


Find other such bra hacks in the following video: