19 hairstyle ideas for your lovely curly hair

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It is really ironical to see that many women with curly hair dream of having straight hair whereas straight-haired women try as hard as they can to create that curly effect they love. So don’t be ashamed of your hair and play with it! Moreover, when you know how to style your hair, you can more easily embrace their texture and accept them. So it’s time to have fun and here are different styles you could try!

Old school

You have naturally a lot of volume and you can’t change that or tame your hair. On the contrary, try to get as much volume as possible. With oversize curls, get a nice thowback to the 1980’s when volume was fashionable and give it a modern twist.


Different lengths

Depending on your type of hair and curls, you can decide to have curls with different lengths. On short hair, you can have very tight curls that will give you a lot of volume and breadth.



On long hair, you could get very large curls for maximal curls.



For a sexy and natural look, there is nothing like loose curls. This wavy effect is incredible on long and mid long hair.



Here are a few more pictures that might inspire you. You should pick a hairstyle depending on the type of curls you have and also depending on your personality.

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