18 tattoos for couples

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Every tattoo tells a story. Some girls prefer having it done alone, others accompanied… And when one can associate it with one’s partner it is even better! Here are 18 tattoos which certain inseparable couples have had etched into their skin in order to immortalize their love.


1/ Are you a Disney fan ? Here is a tattoo which will suit you well!

15 tatouage couple (11)

2/ The king and his queen of hearts!

15 tatouage couple (4)

3/ A bow without an arrow is like faded love! For those who are inseparable romantics…

15 tatouage couple (3)

4/ Together, they found a sense of direction with these pretty compasses with  striking  details!

15 tatouage couple (10)

5/ The tattoos which complete each other perfectly? The foot!

15 tatouage couple (7)

6/ The love triangle is empty without the other!

15 tatouage couple (1)

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