17 things they don’t tell you about being a mother

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The hidden truths

We’ve often heard it said that children change your life. What you may not have been warned about however, is that in fact children can steal your life! Not to dissuade you from embarking on the journey of a lifetime, but here are a few truths about having children, that are sure to have been kept from you.

1/ You are going to accidentally hurt your baby

There is no reason to beat yourself up about it, you are probably going to drop the baby at some point -it happens. As long as it doesn’t become a habit!

2/ You can never again go to the toilet on your own

We’re afraid so, your privacy is something of a bygone era. Your daily life involves being followed everywhere, even (and overall) in the times you need to be alone.

3/ You’re going to kill yourself making delicious mini-meals that no one will appreciate

Parsnip purées, spinach omelettes, organic courgette purée, each recipe healthier than the next. However, they are not all equally well received. Nothing you can do about it, your little one prefers the chicken nuggets he gets in his friend’s house…..

Credits : Pixabay

4/ You are going to have to give up on your vision of a perfect home

Your dinners with friends will never again have the same style or class: your beautiful art books have been swapped for children’s toys, their gaudy colours ruining your decor.

5/ … as well as a clean car

You haven’t a hope of keeping the Renault Zoé in mint condition -children, they attract dirt!

Credits : Pixabay

6/ Your baby will be attracted like a magnet to electrical sockets, sharp corners, stairs and doors

In short, everything that is risky.

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