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16 great reasons to love being pregnant

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Pregnancy: a unique time in your life to enjoy to the full!

When we get pregnant for the first time and announce it to our nearest and dearest, sometimes their reactions are less than reassuring. Like the friend who wishes you good luck with the vomiting, the birth, the feeding, the sleep loss and the baby’s cries. Don’t listen to their tales of begrudgery, pregnancy is a beautiful stage of your life and you should savour every moment. Here are fifteen reasons to prove it.

1/ Enjoy your secret with your man, before the big reveal in a few months

Are you expecting a happy event? We would advise you not to announce it for a few months. A delicious secret for you both to share.

Credits : Brusalvate/Pixabay

2/ Having the breasts you always dreamed of

Flat as a pancake or droopy pears, during pregnancy, whatever the shape of your breasts, you’re going to gain several bra sizes! Your man is sure to appreciate them too….

Credits : GreyerBaby/Pixabay

3/ And having the right to buy sexy new bras

And we well deserve it, don’t we?

Credits : Mooncoffeedn/Pixabay

4/ Having a great reason to take care of yourself

Treat yourself to long massages, bubble baths and lotions and potions galore!

Credits : Pixabay

5/ Announcing the news to your parents, and waiting to see the looks on their faces

And watching their faces crumble with happiness, having long awaited such happy news!

Credits : Pixabay

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