15 tattooed tights, these accessories that make you believe that you have a real tattoo

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Forget about using needles, get a tattoo with these tights!

You are not yet ready to go through getting a tattoo but have always dreamed of sporting a nice little discrete animal in the hollow of your ankle? These new generation tights are for you! With their shades that adapt to every skin tone, these fashion accessories offer you thousands of combinations, which will give you the illusion that you are tattooed but without pain. Here are some models that will make you forget the needles!

Where can you get them?


TATUL offers hand-painted tights with different tattoo designs: animals, plants, geometric shapes or personalised texts, this small company offers you soft and more resistant tights, inspired by the techniques of Asian traditional printing.

1/ Birds of prey

2/ Black cat

3/ Pretty panda

4/Queen Bee

5/ Jumping rabbit

6/ Beetle bug!

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