15 beautiful hairdos that you can wear to a nightclub

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Easy hairdos to have you dancing in style all night!

Have you left your guy in the pub with his mates, to sneak off to a nightclub with your girlfriends?  Great plan, from time to time, it’s good to go your separate ways! And there’s nothing like getting ready with the girls, having a few little tipples while you get dressed (except for the designated driver, of course!), doing each other’s hair and makeup and generally enjoying girl time! Here are 15 hairstyles to inspire you and set you apart on the dance floor.

1/ Twisted ponytail

Like a modern day mermaid, you’ll set the dance floor alight!

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2/ Tucked bun

A super simple style, that you can also wear with a headband.

3/ Double tucked bun for mid length hair

A wavy bun as pretty as a flower bud! Impact guaranteed.

Screenshot: Pinterest

4/ Hair bow

Wrap yourself up in this beautiful style, which isn’t as complicated as it looks! Straighten your hair well before trying it out.

Screenshot: Pinterest

5/ Jewelled accesories

Highlight your face by clipping your hair back with pretty slides.

Screenshot: Pinterest

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