13 genius storage tips to organise your interior and save time

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8/ Store your jeans like they do in the shops, hanging them with hooks or clothes pegs

Hang your jeans the way the shops do so that you have easier access to your chosen pair in the mornings, with the help of a few simple hooks (which you can make yourself from the ends of metal clothes hangers) or large clothes pegs. Hang your favourite skinny jeans by the belt loops.

9/ Make a vintage soap dispenser from a glass jar

There is nothing more stylish than vintage style recycled materials! With an old jar with a metal cover, as well as a pump, you can make your very own soap dispenser: pierce a hole in the lid and add the pump. In no time, you will have an original model, and you can be proud of yourself!

10/ Use metal magazine racks for storing your onions and potatoes

Are you always trying to find the best way to store your potatoes and onions? Give your kitchen a makeover with these metallic document holders!

11/ Organise the lids of your pots with rubber erasers

It is always a challenge to store your pot lids, which roll around the back of your cupboards, and are forever falling out the minute you open the presses. To save yourself space and frustration, follow this simple tip: glue some rubber erasers or attach adhesive hooks to the inside of the press doors and slide them into place.

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12/ Clean the inside of your microwave in 8 minutes flat with white vinegar

For those of you who are too lazy to scrub the inside of your microwave, here is a clever trick that will save you time and effort: pour some white vinegar into a bowl of hot water and put it in the microwave for around 7 minutes. Give it a wipe of a damp cloth and your microwave will shine up as good as new!

13/ Use old palettes to make a shoe storage unit

Have you neither the time nor the money to go out and buy a wall storage unit for shoes? Ask any of the large DIY stores to give you a delivery palette, and use it as a genius shoe storage unit. It’s as easy as pie!

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