13 completely original marriage proposals caught on camera!

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Some people prefer the intimacy of a cosy restaurant, others prefer to pop the question at home, and certain risk-takers go as far as to hide the ring inside a delicious morsel of food! A proposal is never done without a certain amount of preparation. Here is a little tour of the most unique marriage proposals, with people who went the extra mile.

1/ Umbrella proposal on a bridge between two cliffs

This vertiginous waterfall sits at a height of 189 meters in the state of Oregon in the United States, and lent itself for the occasion to 17 umbrellas opened by kind helpers, displaying the letters of the fateful words!

2/ On a movie trailer at the cinema

An American journalist had the idea of making a short film in which he set the scene for asking for her hand in marriage. His future wife thought she was simply going out on a regular cinema date, never suspecting the romantic intentions of her superboyfriend….

3/ On a plane in distress

This American thrill seeker had a risky idea, simulating flight difficulties in the plane he was flying with his sweetheart, asking her to call out the “emergency procedures” which in fact were programmed to display the words “will you marry me?”. Emotions must have been flying high!

4/ With 300 flowers

This spoiled fiancée received precisely 300 flowers from strangers who passed her in the street, before her boyfriend popped the question. A very romantic suitor!

5/ Recreating a scene from How I Met Your Mother

The series is internationally well loved, but by some more than others! This was why Ernest Law, knowing his girlfriend’s passion for the show, decided to recreate the marriage proposal from the sitcom to ask his lady for her hand in marriage.

6/ At the bottom of the ocean

What could be more natural for two passionate divers than to say “yes” on the ocean’s floor? The future husband produced a sign on which he had written his question, as well as a ring, which was hidden in a sea shell!

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