12 types of stains and how to remove them for almost no cost!

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Can you never seem to get through a night out without getting red wine on your white tank top? Or have you gotten ink stains all over your favourite dress? Not to mention your pants around the time of your period… Instead of dwelling on the catastrophe and relegating your clothes to the back of the wardrobe, learn how to save them! Here are 12 ultra-effective techniques to get rid of any kind of a stain, for very little cost.

1/ Red wine

Mix oxygenated water with liquid soap (in equal amounts). Pour this mixture on to the stain and wait one minute. Wash the garment as normal.

2/ Oil

Apply some starch paste (starch mixed with a little hot water) to the stain, scrub it and wash the garment in hot water.

3/ Blood

Pour some vinegar on the stain and leave it to work for 10 to 15 minutes, before washing it.

4/ Coffee

Moisten the stain with vinegar and wash it.

5/ Ink

Soak the stain overnight in milk and wash it.

6/ Sweat

Mix some bicarbonate of soda with lemon juice and use it to scrub the stain. Wait 15 minutes and wash the garment.

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7/ Lipstick

Spray the stain with hairspray. Wait 15 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water. Repeat until the stain disappears.

8/ Perfume

Mix two parts water with one part bicarbonate of soda. Apply the mixture to the stain and scrub. Wait 15 minutes before washing.

9/ Ketchup

Wash the stain with washing up liquid, and soak it in oxygenated water. Wait 15 minutes and wash it.

10/ Grass

If you can avoid it, don’t let the stain dry in. Quickly soak it in lukewarm salty water for two hours, and wash it.

11/ Chewing gum

Put the garment in the freezer and once it is frozen solid, remove the pieces with a little alcohol.

12/ Unidentified old stains

Rinse the garment and put it in an open plastic bag, which you put in the microwave for one minute. Wash it as normal.

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