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12 flowers to avoid giving or receiving

Credits : Pexels

When we want to give someone a present, flowers are a great go-to gift. Roses, lilies, hyacinths or carnations made up in pretty bouquets can lend a gentle fragrance to your home. That said, there are certain flowers, even if they are no less beautiful, which are considered in bad taste to give or receive. Here is the blacklist of flowers to avoid.

1/ Petunias

Behind their magnificent appearance, unfortunately, petunias symboloise anger…. Not to be put in your bouquet!

Credits : Pixabay

2/ Wolf’s bane

Wolf’s bane symbolises hate and meanness. To be avoided, at least if you don’t want to cause hostilities!

Credits : Wikimedia Commons

3/ Yellow carnations

If carnations look stunning in a bouquet, avoid the yellow ones at all costs. They symbolise rejection and contempt. Go for other colours that you can find on Interflora!

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4/ Cyclamens

Unless you have recently broken up with your boyfriend, cyclamens are not the ideal flowers to give to a loved one… In fact, they symbolise separation and break ups. A bouquet we wouldn’t wish on anyone!

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5/ Butterfly weed

This pretty flower with multiple petals, in ‘plant language’, signifies “leave me alone”…. You get the picture!

Credits : Wikimedia Commons

6/ Fire lilies

Don’t fall for the charms of the fire lily, because in common lore they signify hate, pride and disdain. Nothing more!

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7/ Buttercups

Buttercups represent childishness. Avoid offering them to a lover or they could become annoyed if they find out their hidden meaning…

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8/ Black roses

Having seen too many red roses, are you looking for a touch of originality? Well don’t choose black roses, which signify none other than death! Unless you are targeting your worst enemy….

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9/ Yellow flowers

If you are in a relationship, receiving yellow flowers is no good thing: they signify infidelity and treason! We hope for your sake that your other half is unaware of their meaning!

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10/ Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are mainly associated with death and cemeteries. Keep looking if your intentions are not lethal!

Credits : Wikipedia

11/ Physically aggressive flowers

Like thistles, for examples, which are covered in spikes. A poorly chosen bouquet if you are trying to show your affection. The same goes for the flowers of artichokes or burdock, which are less than gentle to the touch… Whoever touches them will get a nasty surprise!

Credits : Wikipedia

12/ Strong smelling flowers

Certain varieties of flowers can become unpleasant to smell after a while and have the opposite of the intended effect if they release a perfume that is too strong. Avoid garlic flowers and ones with very strong smelling foliage such as thyme or laurel.

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Would you like to know more about the ‘language of flowers’? Are you unsure of what types of flowers to send someone, or of what the hidden meaning is of the pretty bouquet you have just received? You can consult Interflora’s Pinterest page for loads more advice on the matter.