12 embarrassing moments and fears we’ve all had at the beautician’s

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7/ The fear of leaks during your period

You are always in terror of leaking when you get up on the table. But don’t worry, these terrifying thoughts cross all of our minds! But when it really happens, we can only imagine the shame…. Especially on the pristine white towel underneath you!

8/ The walls that are so thin that we hear everything

You can even hear the wax strips being whipped off next door, not to mention the discussions, which aren’t always terribly exciting….

9/ Not understanding the majority of the names for types of bikini wax

Brazilian, Californian, Hollywood, bikini…. The list goes on, and we never know exactly which one we should be going for, feeling a little more than stupid when they ask us which one we want..

10/ Post-waxing treatments that burn

A post-waxing treatment, sure, sounds good! Except for the fact that the reality is something else entirely: your legs come out looking completely burned!

11/ Uneven eyebrows

It’s certainly difficult to achieve perfection when it comes to eyebrow symmetry, but all the same…. You look more like a worried clown than an Instagram icon.

12/ Inexperienced trainees

A young trainee? No problem, as long as they don’t come anywhere near you! Because we really don’t want to be the guinea pigs when they are waxing over the same area three times….

Credits: Wikimedia Commons


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