12 embarrassing moments and fears we’ve all had at the beautician’s

Credits : Wikimedia Commons
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Body odours, unexpected periods or panic attacks -our beauticians appointments can sometimes turn sour, while turning us a mortifying shade of red! Even if it’s often only ourselves that notice… Here are a few situations you may recognise…..

1/ Boiling wax on our private regions

Applied too soon to the bikini line, the wax can become a veritable instrument of torture! And what’s worse, you are never brave enough to say anything, and you act as if nothing is wrong!

2/ Double meanings

The double meanings and passive aggression in phrases such as: “It’s been a long time since you were here, hasn’t it?” can make things awkward, if not to the point of annoying us at times! It’s one way of saying that the bikini line is a bit of a jungle….

3/ Accidentally passing gas

Maybe you were tempted by a bean stew at lunch time, not being taken by anything else on the menu. But you aren’t long regretting it, once you’re comfortably installed on the treatment bed! That’s when you start to pray that you won’t let one go when she starts to remove the wax strips….

4/ Potential body odours

You agreed to an evening appointment with the beautician, without having thought about needing time to shower after work…. And you find yourself worrying about where sweat might have accumulated throughout the day…

5/ Personal indiscretion

When  you’re on the table, legs spread wide, waiting patiently for her to start on the bikini line, you hope and pray that the door doesn’t open, or that your beautician isn’t going to head off in search of a tweezers, or go answering the telephone….

6/ The final tweeze

It’s been a good hour that you’re here being tortured, but no matter, your beautician wants to see the job done right, and sets at your poor bikini line with a tweezers. 

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