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12 bra hacks that every woman should know

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6/ Cut and sew the strap of a bra that has become too big to continue wearing it

Do you find yourself unable to let go of a favourite bra, even though it has become too big for you? Cut the strap and re-sew it to make it shorter.

7/ Choose one size smaller for strapless bras

This will stop it sliding down at the slightest movement!

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8/ Re-use the straps to transform your bra into an adapted fashion accessory

You simply have to cut and re-attach a tiny bit of bra strap to transform your bra into a truly backless model!

9/ Use a bikini top to wear a low backed top

So you don’t have a bra adapted to low backed tops? Use your bikini top if you don’t want to wobble around bra-less all night!

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10/ Try out several sizes and several brands

In most large department stores, bra sizes vary from brand to brand, so don’t worry if they don’t have your size exactly -try out several models and brands before admitting defeat!

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11/ Use special cases to avoid damaging your bra while you travel

Rigid boxes will protect the delicate lace.

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12/ Sew the cups of an old bra into a backless dress

And there you go, a dress with an integrated bra!

Watch a video containing some of the above tips:


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