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11 things we’ve all done during our period

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Stomach cramps as bad as labour pains, headaches, backaches, fatigue and irritability -our menstrual cycle never lets up! Month after month, it’s a constant battle. Here are a few situations that are sure to have found yourself in during that time of the month. If it’s any help, tell yourself that you’re not the only one! 

1/ Using toilet paper as a sanitary towel

Because your period kindly showed up unexpected… Even more fun when you are just about to go into a meeting!

2/ Asking your friends to check out your behind, just to be sure

Or even asking your boyfriend, if the relationship has been going on long enough for you to feel comfortable enough to be scrutinised in this way!

Screenshot: Appelle Lara/YouTube

3/ Not taking a day off work even when your period has you pinned to the bed

Painful periods are worse than any cold or flu! Fortunately we’re brave soldiers, or our annual leave would be quickly wasted…

Screenshot: ROMY/YouTube

4/ Anxiously searching for the string of a wayward tampon

No need to panic, your uterus hasn’t swallowed it! The precious string is just lodged a little further back, between your bum cheeks!

5/ Stressing out in a restaurant and checking your seat several times an hour

Same goes for the fancy couch in your in-laws’ house.

6/ Admiring the contents of your cup, tampon or pad before throwing it out

What, it’s all natural!

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