11 things we all do in secret when we’re naked

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Our birthday suit is sometimes what we love to wear the most!

Have you ever puffed up your belly in front of your bedroom mirror while you’re naked, to see how you would look if you were pregnant? Checked that the string of your tampon is still within arm’s reach? Or even trying to check out your bum, risking giving yourself a crick in the neck? Here is a list of all those little things we do when we are naked, but that we would never admit to!

1/ Admiring your vagina in the mirror

And asking yourself which part is the most beautiful!

Credits: Screenshot Pinterest

2/ Checking that the string of your tampon is still there

In case your vagina decided to swallow it!

3/ Wondering if your vagina is normal

And if it’s pretty, also…. Because sometimes, frankly, you doubt its aesthetic properties!

4/ Feeling a little awkward to be exhibiting yourself

Even if you’re the only one there!

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5/ Pushing your breasts together, as if you were wearing a corset

Just to see what can be done with them!

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6/ Removing the hair around your breasts

While vehemently denying its existence to your other half, who has already seen it….

7/ Puffing up your stomach to see how you would look pregnant

And finding you can make yourself get to about 4 months gestation!

8/ Getting depressed at the idea of ageing

And knowing that your figure won’t last forever.


Credits: Mathou / Screenshot: Pinterest

9/ Looking at your bum in the mirror

And bending over in a less than attractive manner to check if you need a wax!

10/ Getting aroused at seeing yourself in the nip

And imagining wild and wonderful scenarios from your favourite erotic films.

11/ Admiring yourself in the mirror when you have freshly de-fuzzed legs

Because you always feel attractive and desirable after a visit to the beautician!

Credits: Mathou / Capture: Pinterest

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