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11 ingenious tips to never get tired of your clothes

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6/ Transform something by putting it to a different use

A chain belt can often work well as a necklace, an elastic skirt can become a bustier, or a long t-shirt can become a dress.


7/ Layer your clothes to create a new look

Wear a strapless dress under a shirt and there you go, it can pass for a skirt! Hide the flaws or stains in a shirt you don’t like much, under a jumper, and hold onto it’s pretty collar -probably the reason you bought it in the first place!

8/ Replace parts of old clothes with modern accessories

Do you have a pair of sandals you don’t wear any more? Modernise them by replacing their ankle straps with ribbons, for example. Spartan sandals for a fraction of the price!

9/ Reorganise your wardrobe

Reorganising your wardrobe can give you new perspectives: simply changing where you keep an item of clothing can help you see it in a whole new light!

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10/ Accessoirisez

Vous adorez cette veste cintrée mais vous sentez contrainte de la jeter au vu du trou qui commence à se faire ? Cachez l’imperfection avec une broche ou une fleur pour continuer à la porter.

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11/ Apprenez les bases de la couture

Apprenez à coudre un point ou deux pour réparer vos pulls troués ou vos boutons qui tombent en rade ! Et si jamais vous êtes d’humeur créative, vous pourrez booster vos vestes, ou créer de toutes nouvelles pièces à partir de chutes existantes. Créez votre propre style, et faites un geste pour l’environnement !

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