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11 ingenious tips to never get tired of your clothes

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Get a whole new wardrobe without buying new clothes!

It is normal to get sick and tired of the clothes that you have. The fashion industry and its changing trends mean we always feel the need to update our wardrobes, to eternal dissatisfaction! But when you are on a small budget, changing your wardrobe isn’t as easy as changing your shirt! Here are a few tips to create a whole new wardrobe without having to hit the shops.

1/ Borrow pieces from your other half, your mother or your children

Pinch a scarf or a hat from your significant other, a top or some jewellery from your mother to brighten up your outfits.

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2/ Unstitch an item of clothing that you don’t like.

Do you dislike the pocket on a jumper, which is making you get sick of it? Just unstitch it! This will give it a whole new style.

3/ Shrink any clothes that are too big for you

By putting any clothes that are too big for you in the tumble dryer, you can shrink them in the blink of an eye. Great for if you get sick of your loose-fitting t-shirts!

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4/ Dye a piece of clothing to change the colour

Give a greying old white top a new lease of life, by dying it black for example. Many natural dyes are commercially available. You can even make your own.

5/ Change your hemline

The size of a hemline can completely change how a piece of clothing looks. For example, you can transform a dress into a shirt, or a jeans into a pair of shorts.

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