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11 ingenious ideas in order to wear your bra correctly

Bra’s are essential for women. However they may be uncomfortable or visible under your clothing.  Therefore it is important to have the right ideas and to explore tips in order to make your daily life easier.

1) In order to repare the wire which has detached, use a pantyliner to protect it


2) In order to be hide your straps use a paper clip


3) In order to wear a strapless dress, use a  convertible strap that you place in front.

bustier bretelles ajustables

4) In order to hang your bras, drill a screw into the hanger and hang it each time onto a hanger with a screw.


5) Here is another tip in order to hang them up whilst preserving their shape.

keep shape

6) After sport, clean your bra by handwashing it under the shower. It will be less damaged.

handwash bra after sport pas abimé

7) Dry your bra by using a salad spinner. It will preserve it and it will dry more quickly.
preserv e et plusrapide

8) Does one reveal too much of your bra with this pretty top which has a low neckline? Use a tissue in order to hide it in an attractive manner.


9) Do a test in order to find out if your bra is tight enough or not.


10) Use silicon protections if your bras hurt you. Perfect for generous chests!

silicon pads

11) Make a bra easily which can be worn with an open back.

The steps :

1) Cut the bra so that only the straps and part of the bra which protects the breasts remains.

etape 1

2) Place the straps near the part of the bra which protects the breasts but be careful to avoid the knots. Fasten with a needle  and see if this suits you (if this does not fit you, adust it)

etape 2

3) Once it is right, all that you need to do is sew it so that it is held in place!

etape 3

Bonus tip : Has your bra become too small but you cant afford to buy another for the moment? War the bra which suits you the best and then wear your sports bra on top in order for it to stay in place!

The videos which explain: