11 hilarious illustrations showing the reality of being new parents

Motherhood has lots of little ‘surprises’ in store!

Having a child is often seen as a time full of sunshine and happiness. If some couples idealise the arrival of their newborn, reality can have another thing in store for them! These adorable illustrations, by artist Astkhik Rakimova for, show with great tenderness the differences between our previous expectations and what really happens when we become parents.

1/ Mealtimes

The daily purée -quite the affair! Say goodbye to any notions you had of cleanliness. What were you expecting?!

2/ Play time

Your little one’s creativity is limitless, and they like to remind you of their artistic talent….On your walls.

3/ Sleep

When you heard the phrase “sleeping like a baby”, did you imagine yours sleeping cosily in their cot beside you? Too good to be true!

4/ The child’s bedroom

Don’t think for a second that the child is going to keep their room in order… You’ll have to wait a few years before you can even get your hopes up on that one!

5/ Alone time

It’s hard to find a moment to yourself when you are a young mum!

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6/ The sand box

Did you picture your little angel getting along swimmingly with your best friend’s little bundle of joy? Think again! Fighting over buckets and shovels, it’s more like sand wars!

7/ Getting ready

Despite your best efforts, there is nothing to be done about it, your little one starts fidgeting and wriggling the minute you try and get them dressed!

8/ Intimate time with your partner

Unfortunately, intimate moments for just the two of you are less and less frequent… But it’s unavoidable! Don’t forget to schedule the occasional date night.