11 daily girl habits that we all weirdly enjoy!

My Tights Won't Stay Up

The habits that we love !

We all have our own little bug bears: knickers that won’t stop sliding between your bum cheeks, high heels that leave your poor heels bright red and sore, or an uncomfortable bra with the straps falling down. Here are a few everyday things we have all done at one time or other, which may be a bit disgusting, but which give us some relief and even some weird satisfaction!

1/ Pulling your knickers out from between your bum cheeks

When your knickers starts to think it’s a thong, you don’t think twice about setting it straight!

Credits : Fleur de Mamoot

2/ Slipping under the covers with your legs freshly shaved

And rubbing them together to enjoy the softness!

3/ Admiring the blood clots during your period

And feeling most satisfied (especially for those who use the cup) to cast them into oblivion!

4/ Taking off your bra first thing when you get home from work

Farewell to the traitorous straitjacket!

5/ Pulling a disturbing amount of hair from the plughole in the shower

Both repulsive and satisfying at the same time.


6/ Returning to admire a large ‘creation’ in the toilet

Well, didn’t we always learn to be proud of our poop when we were little, why stop now?!

7/ Pulling your tights up to your chest

To give yourself the flat tummy you had when you were 15!

My Tights Won't Stay Up

8/ Taking off your high heels at the end of the night

And relieving the soles of your tired feet.

9/ Admiring the contents of your tissues after blowing your nose

Okay, not the most ladylike thing to do, but swear to us that you don’t check!

10/ Being impressed with the amount of makeup left on the cotton swab after removing your  makeup

And appreciating your make up remover all the more.

Credits : Marina Gribouille

11/ Removing dead skin

From the hands or the feet, whatever, we’re addicted!