11 Beauty Tips to Replace Your Cosmetics and Save money

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You don’t have any hydrating cream left? A natural yogurt will be enough! No mask for your hair? Not a problem use some mayo! If some of these ideas seem a little strange, they are in fact perfect ways to replace your expensive products with simple and natural ingredients, whilst saving your money and unneeded waste.

1/ Mayo as a mask as you shampoo

Do you have doubts? We’d have you know that it is the beauty trick used by Blake Lively, who admitted that she applied yogurt to her ends before she showered, to protect her lengths as you shampoo which can dry our from the soap. Make sure you rinse well to get rid of any horrid mayo!

2/ Use yogurt as a face cream

Have you forgotten your face cream or ran out? Rather than getting another one, you can use natural yogurt on your skin to hydrate it. It also works as a great mask.

3/Hair conditioner as shaving gel

If you have forgotten your shaving gel or need to shave and don’t have any to hand, you can use your hair conditioner. You will see that it is just as effective as shaving gel, and will make your skin smooth.

4/ Honey as a face mask.

Have you gone away and forgotten your beloved face mask? Or you simply don’t want to invest in an expensive mask which you will only use once a year. You can make your own mask using honey. The nectar from honey has antibacterial virtues and is very powerful at fighting off acne. Apply a thin layer and leave on or 10 minutes, rinse off with warm water.

5/ Some bicarbonate of soda for teeth whitening

You don’t want to spend half of your salary to your dentist to get white teeth, we understand! Did you know that you can use bicarbonate of soda to whiten your teeth: mix a soup spoonful of powder with three drops of oxygen peroxide and use this mixture as your toothpaste.


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