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10 unusual facts about the male penis

Crédits : YouTube, Wikipedia
Crédits : YouTube, Wikipedia

The masculine form hides some secrets

Do you know that men are able to ejaculate up to three meters away? That some inspired erections can last more than four hours? Or that the penis of your man can split in two despite the muscles it contains?

1/ A penis can break in two

The fracture of the penis can happen when the rigid envelope called albuginea that surrounds the penis tears. We prefer not to imagine how it would look!

2/ The record distance for ejaculation is 3.5 metres

It’s as if it was trying out for a long jump test

3/ The man ejaculates the equivalent of two teaspoons of sperm

During orgasm, the penis of your man would deliver on average of two teaspoons of sperm.

Crédits : Pixabay

4/ Some erections can last 4 hours

For some men, erection can last for hours and hours! Four hours would be the maximum time for a “normal” erection. Beyond, it is best to consult, your man might be suffering from a serious (not unpleasant) illness.

5/ The men of an Australian tribe do not shake hands to say hello, but shake each others penises!

In Australia, men of the Walibri tribe shake their penis as a sign of greeting. It is hoped that the grip is not too energetic …

6/ The largest penis in the world measures 34,29 cm

An American Jonah Falcon male member beats all records. In erection, of course.

7/ The head of the penis evolved in the form of mushroom to compete with its competitors

Strange fact that this one, but approved by the scientists themselves: the head of the human penis has transformed, over the ages, into the look of a mushroom, to better ejaculate the semen.

Crédits : Pixabay

8/ The skin of the foreskin can be the subject of grafts for the big burns

A good deed after circumcision!

9/ The size of a penis increases by 300% when it is erect

Dramatically rising! The penis increases in size by 10 times due to the extra blood

10/ An erection can be unwanted

The erection, sometimes, comes on unprovoked. You have no doubt already heard of the nocturnal erection: in the night, the muscles of the penis tense several times. These muscles help retain the influx of blood, so as not to have a permanent erection during the day. And in the morning, a mechanism starts up so that the muscles tense and the sex is straightened. And no, it’s not because he has had sex dreams all night!