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10 ultra trendy hairstyles for the modern bride

Have you decided to say yes to your other half . Congratulations! Now you will have the task of not only finding dress makers, makeup artists but  hairdressers too!  On the actual day your hairstyle must be perfect and  be able to last the entire ceremony and party. Here are 10 inspirational wedding hairstyles for the trendy bride where one can say goodbye to the overstyled chignon cliché!


1/ The fuzzy bob which is slightly wavy

For a trendy mermaid look


2/ The graphical chignon which appears as a work of art

A change from the basic chignon


3/ The ultra rock chignon

For a messy look


4/ Almost loose hair

For a slightly unkempt look while you have atually spent three hours at the hairdresser!


5/ The Snow Queen plait

Elsa will have to step aside,   you are the princess today!  The side parting is coming back into fashion for  brides!


6/ The hybrid pony tail

Half plait half pony tail, this sophisticated hairstyle is a change from the chignon. Adorable with a pretty lace headband it will bring a bit of softness to your look!


7/ The studded headband

All it takes is a studded headband in order to make a simple hairstyle elegant. It adds a bit of a bohemian look to the outfit.


8/ Flowers/plaits

A perfect combination to combine these two romantic hairstyles. A pretty plait with a flower headband!


9/ A cascade of Jewellery

Follow your natural hairs wave with this ornamented hair clip which will give you a fairytale look!


10/ A flamenco air

Flowers are beautiful accessories for a wedding! Why not have a Spanish look?


Advice : – Images : Glamour